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Unlike other grills, the Original Army Grill (OAG), was designed to deliver the best outdoor grilling experience before, during, and after grilling. OAG offers        ...         ...   .....extraordinary grilling that you will remember with pleasure.

Completely new concept
• Fully Modular
• Patent pending
• Charcoal and wood
• Sturdy construction
• High quality materials and workmanship
• Stainless-steel and aluminum
• Ideal size – One fits all
• Incredibly handsome
• Easy assembly
• Adjustable griddle height
• Adjustable legs for superior surface leveling
• Easy to carry and stow
• Easy to clean
• Tool for stripping carbon
• Fits in dishwasher
• Long lasting
• 3-year warranty
• Pleasure in the fine detail
• Must-have item to keep in your car